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Islam and the West: a conversation with Jacques Derrida

Read In the spring of 2003, Jacques Derrida sat down for a public debate in Paris with Algerian intellectual Mustapha Chérif. The eminent philosopher arrived at the event directly from the hospital where he had just been diagnosed with pancreatic … Continue reading

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Jacques Derrida – Rogues: two essays on reason

Read Here, Derrida deconstructs the notions of sovereignty, democracy, reason, terrorism, and rogue states. In his typically rigorous fashion, Derrida examines in detail the ways that language constructs and deconstructs our political ideas. Thus, “Pure sovereignty does not exist; it … Continue reading

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Jacques Derrida – The Politics of Friendship

In The Politics of Friendship Derrida renews and enriches this orientation through an examination of the political history of the idea of friendship pursued down the ages. Derrida’s thoughts are haunted throughout the book by the strange and provocative address … Continue reading

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Philosophy in a time of terror: dialogues with Jürgen Habermas and Jacques Derrida

Read Read also: Review of Philosophy in a Time of Terror The only responsible legal response to the attacks—here again Derrida and Habermas agree—is the strengthening, differentiation, institutionalization and enforcement of international law. The answer emphatically is not the fierce … Continue reading

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The Other’s Language: Jacques Derrida Interviews Ornette Coleman

Read The meeting between saxophonist/composer Ornette Coleman and philospher Jacques Derrida documented here took place in late June and early July 1997, before and during Coleman’s three concerts at La Villette, a museum and performing arts complex north of Paris … Continue reading

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