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Implications for Social Impact of Dialogic Teaching and Learning

The science of dialogic teaching and learning has especially flourished over the last four decades across age-groups, cultures, and contexts. A wide array of studies has examined the uniqueness of dialogue as a powerful tool to lead effective instructional practices, … Continue reading

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Dialogic Practice in Primary Schools: to embed Philosophy for Children

The Philosophy for Children in Schools Project is an ongoing research project to explore the impact of philosophy for children (P4C) on classroom practice. this paper responds to the responses of headteachers, teachers and local educational authority (LA) officers in … Continue reading

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Dialogue and the Development of Children’s Thinking: A Sociocultural Approach

This book draws on extensive research to provide a ground-breaking new account of the relationship between dialogue and children’s learning development. It closely relates the research findings to real-life classrooms, so that it is of practical value to teachers and … Continue reading

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An Ontological Understanding of Dialogue in Education

This dissertation develops an ontological understanding of dialogue that is then used to reconsider the forms and purposes of schooling.  Employing the works of Martin Buber and Mikhail Bakhtin, the work departs from the literature on schooling that treats dialogue … Continue reading

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Dialogic Multicultural Education Theory and Praxis

The purpose of this theoretical article is to highlight the role that dialogic pedagogy can play in critical multicultural education for pre-service teachers. The article starts by discussing the problematic that critical multicultural education poses in a democratic society that … Continue reading

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Bakhtinian Pedagogy

This collection of essays brings Bakhtinian ideas into dialogue with educational practice across cultural and pedagogical boundaries. These encounters offer fresh perspectives on contemporary issues in education, and consider pedagogical responses that are framed within a dialogic imperative. The book … Continue reading

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Creating Spaces for Critical Transformative Dialogues

Focused dialogue (as lived and living practices) can have a powerful role in renewing professional practice, advancing its sustainability and development as administrative and political systems colonize the practices of teachers and teacher educators. However, participating in discussion groups for … Continue reading

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Dialogic instruction and learning – the case of one Kiswahili Classroom in Kenya

This paper reports on an ethnographic case study which was carried out in a Kenyan first-grade classroom. The classroom had 89 students with their 2 teachers who taught at different times. The classroom was very crowded and had a high … Continue reading

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Dialogic Inquiry: Towards a Sociocultural Practice and Theory of Education

Book. For more than a quarter-century, the polemics surrounding educational reform have centered on two points of view: those that favor a “progressive” child-centered form of education, and those that would prefer a return to a more structured, teacher-directed curriculum … Continue reading

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The Practice of Dialogue in Critical Pedagogy

This paper examines dialogue in the higher education classroom. Instigated by my teaching experiences and the paucity of empirical studies examining dialogue in the higher education classroom, I present a re-examination of data I collected in 1996 for an ethnographic … Continue reading

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