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Emotional Intelligence in Teachers’ Activities

Emotional intelligence (EQ) development is becoming a more important issue among such significant factors as competence and efficiency due to the constant and rapid social transformations, new challenges, high social norms, and setting high professional standards. The ability to control … Continue reading

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Design of an emotional education programme

Through this study, we tried to evaluate and improve the level of emotional competence of the students of a primary school. Emotional competence was evaluated by the teacher in 135 students using the Teacher-Child Rating Scale of Hightower et al. … Continue reading

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Compassion Satisfaction Among Social Work Practitioners

Previous research has established that social work practitioners are especially vulnerable to work-related psychological distress and burnout due to the high-stress nature of the profession, yet less research has focused on examining factors are associated with social worker retention. Emerging … Continue reading

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The relationship between parenting styles and emotional intelligence of children

This study aimed at investigating the relationship between the parenting styles and emotional intelligence of a sample of kindergarten children in Zarqa II Governorate, Jordan. To achieve this objective, two measures were utilized, namely, the emotional intelligence scale of the … Continue reading

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Friendship network mechanisms linking emotional intelligence and subjective well-being

This study examined whether the status (central or peripheral position) of individuals in a friendship network and the quality of a friendship network represent key mechanisms in determining how emotional intelligence is associated with subjective well-being. Using data collected from … Continue reading

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Cross-Cultural Historical Effects on Emotional Intelligence

This study investigates historical and cultural effects on one component of emotional intelligence, the ability to recognize and report on one’s emotions. This study suggests a novel influence on emotional intelligence, an individual’s historical context. Samples of young adults, from Kyrgyzstan, former … Continue reading

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The More Modest You are, the Happier You are: The Mediating Roles of Emotional Intelligence and Self-esteem

Modesty, often defined as a goal-direct self-presentational behavior, is highly beneficial to behavioral health regulation, self-efficacy, interpersonal relation, and group performance. Recent theories and studies have provided evidence that modesty is linked to adaptive well-being, but the potential mechanisms underlying … Continue reading

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The Importance of Emotional Intelligence for Authentic Leadership Style

The acceleration of the business environment often does not leave individuals sufficient amount of time and space to establish meaningful connections – especially among the manager’s population. Although the emphasis is placed on the fact that people are the most valuable resource for … Continue reading

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Developing Emotional Intelligence in Children

Emotion allows us to mark things in our world as good, bad, or indifferent, and thus facilitates choice. Most of what we deem wisdom is actually a result of cultivating awareness of our emotions and what we have learned from … Continue reading

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Impact of Cognitive and Emotional Intelligence on Education

At present school and colleges are expanding very much quantitatively but less attention is being paid at the quality of education. In order to improve the quality of any course, the present study will be conducted, and this study is related to the improvement … Continue reading

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