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Impact of Cognitive and Emotional Intelligence on Quality Education

At present school and colleges are expanding very much quantitatively but less attention is being paid at the quality of education. In order to improve the quality of any course, the present study will be conducted, and this study is … Continue reading

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Developing Teachers’ Social and Emotional Skills

Emotions are at the heart of what teachers do and why they do it. Educators come to teaching with dreams of changing the odds for disadvantaged children, inspiring a love for learning, or developing critical thinkers. Research has found that … Continue reading

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Educação para Desenvolver Competências Socio-emocionais

Uma das saídas para reconectar o indivíduo ao mundo onde vive passa pelo desenvolvimento de competências socioemocionais. Nesse processo, tanto crianças como adultos aprendem a colocar em prática as melhores atitudes e habilidades para controlar emoções, alcançar objetivos, demonstrar empatia, … Continue reading

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Helping Preschoolers Understand their Emotions

Increasingly, research confirms the efficacy of explicit training in emotional intelligence starting at a very young age. According to multiple studies, preschoolers who participate in social-emotional skills programs exhibit less aggression and anxiety and become better social problem solvers. While … Continue reading

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From Emotional Intelligence to Systems Intelligence

Emotional intelligence helps us to understand and manage our own emotions as well as other people’s emotions towards us. Social intelligence, on the other hand, concentrates on social situations like how we interact with other people and how well we … Continue reading

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Global Leadership Success through Emotional and Cultural Intelligences

Culturally attuned and emotionally sensitive global leaders need to be developed: leaders who can respond to the particular foreign environments of different countries and different interpersonal work situations. Two emerging constructs are especially relevant to the development of successful global … Continue reading

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The effects of Cultural Intelligence and Emotional Intelligence on Cross-cultural Adjustment

The purpose of the present study was to examine the effects of cultural intelligence (CQ) and emotional intelligence (EI) on an individual’s adjustment in a different cultural environment. A paper-based survey, with a return rate of 42.1%, was completed by … Continue reading

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Culture’s Influence on Emotional Intelligence

While a large body of research has examined the outcomes of emotional intelligence, relatively little is known about the antecedents of emotional intelligence. Prior research suggests that emotional intelligence has different effects on management outcomes in different cultural contexts, but … Continue reading

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The Effect of Emotional Intelligence and Its Components on Creativity

The aim of this study was predicting creativity and its components based on emotional intelligence and its components. The sample comprised of 548 students in four secondary grades and pre-university level from Shiraz high schools. Who were selected via a … Continue reading

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Teaching the Teachers: Emotional Intelligence Training for Teachers

A growing body of research in recent years has supported the value of emotional intelligence in both effective teaching and student achievement. This paper presents a pre–post, quasi-experimental design study conducted to evaluate the contributions of a 56-h “Emotional Intelligence” … Continue reading

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