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Girls, women, and intellectual empowerment

Women and intellectual disempowerment Though we may wish to think it otherwise, women and girls are still routinely silenced and excluded from positions of power, expertise, leadership, and full participation in the public sphere. Ample empirical evidence supports this claim. … Continue reading

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Organizing with Networks, Teams, Self-organizing and Empowerment

Networks and teams have become central in the way we organize ourselves inside and between organizations. With Kurt Lewin’s idea that there is nothing as useful as a good theory, it is remarkable that both the concept of networks and … Continue reading

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The Role of the State in Empowering Poor and Excluded Groups and Individuals

Whether guaranteeing access to justice, promoting norms of equality and respect, ensuring access to quality essential services, or helping support organization and voice, Governments wishing to support the empowerment of poor and excluded groups and individuals can draw on a … Continue reading

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Citizen Empowerment through Collaborative Sensemaking

In the past crisis sensemaking activities have primarily been controlled by professional emergency responders and the media. Social media, however, has the potential to see a shift towards more grassroots and ad hoc citizen engagement. This paper sets out our … Continue reading

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Empowerment and Online Social Networking

The purpose of this chapter is to apply new theoretical constructions to the unique situation of online social networks by investigating the issue of personal and collective empowerment. To better illustrate the applicability of the new theoretical constructions, ideas of … Continue reading

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Student Action Research: Reaping the Benefits for Students and School Leaders

Student action research projects have the potential to bring great benefits to students, their schools, and their communities. These projects have the unique capacity to motivate and empower youth to not only view their lives and their futures in different … Continue reading

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Youth Empowerment: The Building Blocks to a More Just and Sustainable Future

“I am completely convinced that youth can and do change the world, everyday. We just have to give them the opportunity,” says Christopher Fontana, Executive Director and co-founder of Global Visionaries. Global Visionaries operates under the core belief that youth … Continue reading

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Empowering Youth through National Policies

Read Today’s young generation experiences widening social gaps and faces manifold challenges: it is the young who – perhaps more so than any other social group – encounter the uncertainties and risks generated by the process of economic and cultural … Continue reading

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Empowerment, a management fad?

Without answering these questions immediately, I’d like to look at some real world examples where I think that empowerment is taking place. These places have some things in common. These places generally have a leader that leads the company quite … Continue reading

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