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Entrepreneurship as Emergence

Emergence is at the core of entrepreneurship research, which has explored the coming into being of opportunities, new organizations, re-organizations, and new industries, agglomerations, and so on. Emergence is also at the theoretical core of complexity science, which is essentially dedicated to exploring … Continue reading

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The Psychic Life of Neoliberalism: Mapping the Contours of Entrepreneurial Subjectivity

This article adds to contemporary analyses of neoliberalism by shedding light on its psychic life. Writers in the Foucauldian tradition have explored how subjectivities are reconstituted under neoliberalism, showing that the neoliberal self is an entrepreneurial subject. Yet, there has … Continue reading

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Handbook of Research on Innovation and Entrepreneurship

This Handbook of Research on Innovation and Entrepreneurship compiles the outstanding expertise of leading researchers in the fi eld of innovation and entrepreneurship. Such a project inevitably goes back to Schumpeter, and we adopt the motivation of his entrepreneur as our starting point. … Continue reading

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Handbook of Research on Entrepreneurship and Creativity

Entrepreneurship and creativity are undoubtedly linked. Researchers examining the relationship between the two will find the Handbook of Research on Entrepreneurship and Creativity to be an instructive collection with specially commissioned contributions from leading scholars and an international perspective. Rolf … Continue reading

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Education, Enterprise Culture and the Entrepreneurial Self: A Foucauldian Perspective

The notion of ‘enterprise culture’ emerged in the United Kingdom as a central motif in political thought under Margaret Thatcher’s administration. The notion represented a profound shift away from the Keynesian welfare state to a deliberate attempt at cultural restructuring … Continue reading

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How to Start a Social Movement

Jeremy Heimans, the Australian native became what he calls a “movement entrepreneur,” an expert in using the internet to build social movements around pressing issues. He launched GetUp.org, a grassroots organizing force in his homeland that has more members than … Continue reading

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Self-Organization, Autopoiesis and Enterprises

Self-organization is a popular theme in current studies of human social activity, enterprises, and information technology. This document introduces one well-developed theory of selforganization (autopoietic theory) and discusses its application to enterprises and their management. The term self-organization, after decades … Continue reading

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The Creation and Destruction of Social Capital – Entrepreneurship, Cooperative Movements and Institutions

The book offers a coherent historical and interdisciplinary perspective on social capital that is illustrated through the emergence and decline of cooperative movements in Denmark (and Poland). The strength of the book lies in its ability to provide an interdisciplinary … Continue reading

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Social Capital and Entrepreneurship

Social Capital and Entrepreneurship provides a critical review of the concepts and principles of social capital and social networks as applied to entrepreneurship. The authors examine interesting research questions and offer a toolbox of methods to answer them. First, a … Continue reading

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Entrepreneurship as Social Creativity

The article begins with an overview of the innovation process and the entrepreneurial process, each treated as separate but interrelated phenomena. The innovation process tracks the evolution of a new idea through time, whereas the entrepreneurial process tracks the activities … Continue reading

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