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Rethinking Environmental Leadership – The Social Construction of Leaders and Leadership

Leadership is heralded as being critical to addressing the ‘‘crisis of governance’’ facing the Earth’s natural systems. While political, economic, and corporate discourses of leadership have been widely and critically interrogated, narratives of environmental leadership remain relatively neglected in the … Continue reading

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Systems Intelligent Environmental Leadership

As a result of increased human impact, environmental problems and challenges are becoming more and more commonplace worldwide. Many of these problems are large and complex, transcend national boundaries and involve many different stakeholder groups. New environmental leadership is needed … Continue reading

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Global Environmental Governance, Technology and Politics: The Anthropocene Gap

We live on an increasingly human-dominated planet. Our impact on the Earth has become so huge that researchers now suggest that it merits its own geological epoch – the ‘Anthropocene‘ – the age of humans. Combining theory development and case … Continue reading

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A decade of Adaptive Governance Scholarship: Synthesis and Future Directions

Adaptive governance is an emergent form of environmental governance that is increasingly called upon by scholars and practitioners to coordinate resource management regimes in the face of the complexity and uncertainty associated with rapid environmental change. Although the term “adaptive … Continue reading

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