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Reconnecting Biology, Social Relations and Epistemology – A Systemic appreciation of Autopoietic Theory

This paper seeks to tease out the systemic character of a body of work that elsewhere in both the primary and secondary literature tends to be described, discussed and applied in fragmented and reductionist terms. The origins of “autopoietic theory” … Continue reading

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The Science of Complexity: Epistemological Problems and Perspectives

For several decades now a set of researches from a wide range of different sectors has been developed which goes by the name of “science of complexity” and is opposed point by point to the paradigm of classical science. It … Continue reading

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Resilience and Higher Order Thinking

To appreciate, understand, and tackle chronic global social and environmental problems, greater appreciation of the importance of higher order thinking is required. Such thinking includes personal epistemological beliefs (PEBs), i.e., the beliefs people hold about the nature of knowledge and … Continue reading

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