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The European Crisis and a Political Critique of Capitalism

The European crisis has provoked widespread critique of capitalist arrangements in most if not all countries in Europe. But to what extent do contemporary social protest and critique indicate a revival of critical capacity? The range of criticisms against the … Continue reading

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Crisis in the Eurozone

A controversial call to break up the Eurozone and stop the debt crisis. First, there was the credit crunch, and governments around the world stepped in to bail out the banks. The sequel to that debacle is the sovereign debt … Continue reading

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Austerity, Poverty and Inequality – Caritas Europa Report

Greece has received fresh ammunition in its negotiations with creditors, as a new report about poverty in bailed-out countries paints a grim picture of the social cost of austerity. “The people paying the highest price currently are those who had … Continue reading

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Modelo Formativo Europeo de Educación Superior: valoraciones de los Estudiantes

La implantación del Espacio Europeo de Educación Superior (EEES) ha requerido de cambios profundosen los métodos docentes y en las formas de trabajo de los estudiantes. Teniendo en cuenta la importanciadel alumnado en este proceso, el objetivo de este artículo … Continue reading

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Social Neuroscience: A European perspective

This review provides an overview of the field of social neuroscience from a European perspective and focuses mainly on outlining research topics which originated in European laboratories. After a brief historical synopsis of the emergence of this young field, the … Continue reading

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Emma Project – European Multiple MOOC Aggregator

EMMA, the European Multiple MOOC Aggregator is a 30 month pilot action supported by the European Union. It aims to showcase excellence in innovative teaching methodologies and learning approaches through the large-scale piloting of MOOCs on different subjects. EMMA will … Continue reading

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Lo que Europa medieval hizo con sus adolescentes

… hace cientos de años, en el norte de Europa regía una línea de disciplina particularmente dura con los menores, que eran enviados a vivir y trabajar en casas ajenas. Algo que, sin ninguna sorpresa, los jóvenes no siempre disfrutaban. … Continue reading

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On International Students in European Universities

As economic troubles continue to plague Europe, universities here are ramping up their efforts to recruit tuition-paying students overseas. At the same time, more European academics are asking whether these students are being treated well, challenging institutions to think less … Continue reading

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Habermas, the Last European: A Philosopher’s Mission to Save the EU

Jürgen Habermas has had enough. The philosopher is doing all he can these days to call attention to what he sees as the demise of the European ideal. He hopes he can help save it — from inept politicians and … Continue reading

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“Veremos lutas históricas na Europa”

Costas Isychos, membro da Secretaria Política de Synaspismos, partido da esquerda grega, evoca nesta entrevista a tragédia social que vive a Grécia, o temor das pessoas de que se repita aqui a hecatombe argentina e desenvolve a ideia segundo a … Continue reading

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