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Human sense of fairness evolved to favor long-term cooperation

The human response to unfairness evolved in order to support long-term cooperation, according to a research team from Georgia State University and Emory University. Fairness is a social ideal that cannot be measured, so to understand the evolution of fairness … Continue reading

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Fairness Expectations and Altruistic Sharing in 15-Month-Old Infants

Human cooperation is a key driving force behind the evolutionary success of our hominin lineage. At the proximate level, biologists and social scientists have identified other-regarding preferences – such as fairness based on egalitarian motives, and altruism – as likely … Continue reading

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The Economy of Fairness

Ernst Fehr, Director of the Institute for Empirical Research in Economics at Zurich University, has made a name for himself in the expanding field of experimental economics, finding out how societies work. Fehr scooped the 2008 Marcel Benoist prize, the … Continue reading

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Fairness and Equity in Education

Fairness and Equity in Education   There is growing recognition that there might be something to this principle. One significant observation from the recently released international assessment of student learning, PISA, is that countries that address social inequalities demonstrate better … Continue reading

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