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Latino fathers and parenting: lessons learned

Puerto Rican fathers and Latino fathers in general gave us many lessons for fatherhood research that we can learn from. In conclusion, fathers were excited to be asked about their opinions about parenting. The men expressed that often they feel … Continue reading

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Engaging families in environmental education – how action, critical thinking, and social learning can foster change

Families are important drivers of sustainability yet little research has studied how to engage them in environmental education. Therefore, a family environmental education program based on action, critical thinking, and social learning was developed and piloted that provided households with … Continue reading

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Cuando el proyecto es el cambio

La entidad se llama Proyecto Cambio y funciona a puertas abiertas: no hay encierro, ni el duro régimen disciplinario propio de otras comunidades. Apuestan a la reconstrucción de los lazos familiares. Y por eso es fundamental la presencia de padres, … Continue reading

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Social Inclusion in the Family Support Sector

Read While principles that promote respect, participation and equity have long formed the philosophical basis of social services, there is a growing trend to systemise these principles via social inclusion frameworks and strategies. This briefing paper summarises some of the … Continue reading

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Communication with Young People in a Family Services Setting

Read There has been an increased emphasis on child-inclusive and child-focused practice in family relationship service delivery in recent years. Yet there has been little discussion about how engaging with children may differ according to the age and developmental stage … Continue reading

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