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Extreme Events

An extreme event (Xevent) is a rare incidence with potentially significant societal implications. While a specific Xevent has a low probability, due to the range of possible Xevents and due to a myriad of global networks acting as transmission paths, … Continue reading

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Mission for Finland – Wiki-democracy: A Finnish initiative

Read Instead of blaming online and social media and participatory modes of production as amateurish, a new report published in Finland suggests that our broadcasting models of democracy and politics should change into wiki-democracy. The report that focuses on the … Continue reading

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Insightful Videos Exploring Why the Finnish Education System Rocks!

Read Professor Thomas Baker wrote an insightful blog post recently about why the Finnish education system rocks, and included 5 YouTube videos sharing more insights and secrets behind their success. I did share some secrets about the Finnish education system … Continue reading

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Finland – Slow and Steady Reform for Consistently High Results

Finland is one of the world’s leaders in the academic performance of its secondary school students, a position it has held for the past decade.  This top performance is also remarkably consistent across schools. Finnish schools seem to serve all … Continue reading

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Educación: Una cuestión de equidad

La prueba PISA, medición de la calidad de la educación que realiza el llamado “club de los países desarrollados” reunido en la OECD, trajo buenas noticias: el nivel de lectura de los niños chilenos ha mejorado progresivamente. Sin embargo, también … Continue reading

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