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Radical Education Now

If we want our children to become independent minded, creative and critical people then we need to run conferences, work-shops and other spaces where the imperatives of the current system can be carefully questioned and analysed. Instead of presuming that … Continue reading

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Paulo Freire: Pedagogy in the Grand Style

Freire’s is pedagogy in the grand style. It is a pedagogy with a mission – one appealing to teachers who have the profoundest sense of their vocation – of their calling, not just as teachers of a single subject, but … Continue reading

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Escolas Experimentais abolem divisão por sala e usam Arte como Fio Condutor

A história das Escolas Experimentais, na Argentina, remonta a 1958, quando duas professoras universitárias decidiram abrir uma pequena escola baseada na avaliação de que era necessário estudar e implementar experiências alternativas de educação. Passados 58 anos de muita luta, existem … Continue reading

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Teachers as Cultural Workers: Letters to Those Who Dare Teach

Teachers as Cultural Workers is a book by Paulo Freire for educators – for all who have an interest in the processes of teaching and learning, whether in the Third World or the First World, with adults or children. Freire … Continue reading

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Education for Critical Consciousness

Famous for his advocacy of ‘critical pedagogy’, Paulo Freire was Latin America’s foremost educationalist, a thinker, and writer whose work and ideas continue to exert enormous influence in education throughout the world today. Education for Critical Consciousness is the main … Continue reading

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Critical Consciousness: A Study of Morality in Global, Historical Context

This volume is a study of empowered, resilient, and globally responsible moral consciousness in the historical context of a global transition to a new level of sociohistorical organization in society. This work develops further the Freirean concept of critical consciousness, … Continue reading

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Freireian Pedagogy, Praxis, and Possibilities

Within Freire’s system of pedagogy, an individual’s ontological vocation is to be a subject who acts upon, and transforms, the world in order to become more fully human. This praxis, reflection and action, moves the individual towards ever new possibilities … Continue reading

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Sur le Théâtre Populaire en Amérique latine

Entretien avec Augusto Boal – Si le «théâtre forum» est aujourd’hui une pratique largement connue, investie pour tous types d’objectifs, militants, associatifs, voire récupérée par certaines pratiques managériales, son inventeur, Augusto Boal, était un militant révolutionnaire. Dans l’entretien à venir, … Continue reading

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Paulo Freire’s challenge to anthropology – Create a Pedagogy of the Oppressed for your times

Paulo Freire was a revolutionary educator. He founded an educational movement based on conducting an ethnographic evaluation of a community to identify the generative themes (or ‘‘dangerous words’’) which matter profoundly to people and which, for just this reason, contain … Continue reading

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