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Education – What Will Be Obsolete in 2020?

Expounding on the ideas of the wildly popular article 21 Things That Will Be Obsolete in 2020, we asked a few of those who attended Big Ideas Fest, a recent gathering of teachers, administrators, entrepreneurs and policymakers, to predict what … Continue reading

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As escolas do futuro

Esqueçam que esta escola tem um visual bacana – sério, deem uma olhada no site da Vittra Telefonplan, o lugar é muito legal – e conta com ensino bilingue, até porque toda boa escola hoje em dia, pelo menos no … Continue reading

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Critical Skills and Learning Methods for the Future

I believe the accelerated pace of change, the increased complexity of the business environment, and the requirement for individual differentiation will place a new premium on individual, self-directed learning.  Continual, personalized learning will be the key to individual growth and … Continue reading

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A World-Class Education: Learning from International Models of Excellence and Innovation

Designed to promote conversation about how to educate students for a rapidly changing and increasingly borderless and innovation-based world, this comprehensive and illuminating book from international education expert Vivien Stewart is not about casting blame; it is about understanding what … Continue reading

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Future Learning and OER

Imagine the day when students, because of the very nature of how they were taught, expect to and actually do verify the information they find online, work to produce content that adds to the body of knowledge in a given … Continue reading

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Education is failing the future-makers

Perhaps a single educational institution isn’t enough — or maybe the concept of an “institution” is all wrong. Maybe these thinkers had to drop out in order to find the various pieces of education, inspiration and experimentation they needed to … Continue reading

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Five Educational Trends for the Next Decade

Micro-learning: The availability of knowledge accessible in the real world and at any time creates the conditions for learning that is easy, lightweight, and done in context when a person really wants or needs to learn. Rich ecology of content … Continue reading

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The future of social experimenting

Cooperation is the essence that keeps societies together. It is the basis of solidarity and social order. When humans stop cooperating, a war of everybody against everybody can result. Understanding why and under what conditions humans cooperate is, therefore, one … Continue reading

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Three scenarios for the future – lessons from the sociology of knowledge

This review draws on social realist approaches in the sociology of knowledge and, in light of them, constructs three scenarios for the future of education in the next decades. The focus of the review is on one of the most … Continue reading

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The Future of Work and implications for Education

This report considers how the nature of work and employment is likely to change over the next few decades, in the context of developments in technology and other key drivers of change. It summarises the main trends in employment patterns … Continue reading

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