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Our Grim Future: Restored Neoliberalism or Hybrid Neofascism?

With the specter of a New Great Depression hovering over most of the planet, realpolitik perspectives for a radical change of the political economy framework we live in are not exactly encouraging. Western ruling elites will be deploying myriad tactics … Continue reading

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What Kids Need to Learn to Succeed in 2050

The art of reinvention will be the most critical skill of this century umankind is facing unprecedented revolutions, all our old stories are crumbling, and no new story has so far emerged to replace them. How can we prepare ourselves … Continue reading

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Low Skilled Humans Need Not Apply: The Employment Future For A Child Born Today

In this article I am going to discuss the labor market and education opportunities a child born in 2015 could have when they are 16–20 by looking at how technology will disrupt the majority of jobs young people can only … Continue reading

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Futures of Education for Rapid Global Societal Change

Education today has more in common with the nineteenth-century industrial age than with the twenty-first century. It is fragmented and compartmentalized, clinging to a factory approach to learning. We need to move away from mass education towards pluralism and planetary … Continue reading

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Future Classroom Lab

Created by European Schoolnet, the Future Classroom Lab (FCL) is an inspirational learning environment in Brussels, challenging visitors to rethink the role of pedagogy, technology and design in their classrooms. Through six learning zones, visitors can explore the essential elements … Continue reading

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Futures Metacognition – A Progressive Understanding of Futures Thinking

Human thinking about the future, or futures thinking, is probably the most complex process in the universe. But, very much like the phenomenon of time in which we are also comprehensively embedded in our existence, it is both extremely close … Continue reading

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Estamos viviendo en una ideología del presente

Conversando con el antropólogo Marc Augé. En este ensayo, el autor francés pone la lupa sobre un mundo amputado por la creencia de que se vive en una especie de “presente perpetuo”. Augé señala que este fenómeno se debe a … Continue reading

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Nous franchissons le mur du temps

Pour le prospectiviste Thierry Gaudin, nous vivons une révolution cognitive. Nous sommes en train de franchir « le mur du temps ». La course à la puissance, fondée sur des mythes hollywoodiens, précipite les crises au lieu de les résoudre. … Continue reading

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About the Future of Work

Organizations are beginning to understand they need to invest in and cultivate the “ideas” in their workplace as a routine part of their work; ideas are to be managed with different methods than the industrial processes that allow you to … Continue reading

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Trusteeship, Wisdom, and the Creative Future of Education?

What role does, and should, creativity play in education? What role can and should creativity play in designing the school of the future? This article explores the ascendance of creativity in education in the late 20th and early 21st century, … Continue reading

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