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‘A escola é o lugar que atrasa o século 21’

Não importa muito como ela seja chamada: educação 3.0, educação para o século 21, educação para a vida. Mas a verdade é que muitos educadores já perceberam que os sistemas educacionais precisarão se adaptar se quiserem formar alunos capazes de … Continue reading

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The Future of the Family to 2030 – A Scoping Report

Since the 1960s the family in the OECD area has already undergone significant transformation. In many countries, the extended family has all but disappeared, and the traditional two-parent family has become much less widespread as divorce rates, re-marriages, single parenthood … Continue reading

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Quantifying the Advantage of Looking Forward

We introduce a future orientation index to quantify the degree to which Internet users worldwide seek more information about years in the future than years in the past. We analyse Google logs and find a striking correlation between the country’s … Continue reading

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Asleep at the Wheel: Are College Students and Employers Ready for the Jobs of the Future

Exhausted from a persistent economic crisis, college students and employers may be caught sleeping at the wheel when it comes to understanding the changing nature of work and preparing for future jobs. A March 2011 study sponsored by the University … Continue reading

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Future Work Skills 2020

Global connectivity, smart machines, and new media are just some of the drivers reshaping how we think about work, what constitutes work, and the skills we will need to be productive contributors in the future. This report analyzes key drivers … Continue reading

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FuturICT – A Knowledge Accelerator to Explore and Manage Our Future in a Strongly Connected World

The FuturICT Knowledge Accelerator is a previously unseen multidisciplinary international scientific endeavour with focus on techno-socio-economic-environmental systems. The ultimate goal of the FuturICT flagship project is to understand and manage complex, global, socially interactive systems, with a focus on sustainability … Continue reading

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The future of thinking: learning institutions in a digital age

Over the past two decades, the way we learn has changed dramatically. We have new sources of information and new ways to exchange and to interact with information. But our schools and the way we teach have remained largely the … Continue reading

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Alvin Toffler on Education

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Learning Spaces in Europe in 2020 – an imagining exercise on the Future of Learning

“Learning Spaces” (LS) is the term used in a report published in 2006 by the Institute for Prospective Technological Studies, “as a way to embrace a different view of future learning”. This report moves the discussion of Learning Spaces forward … Continue reading

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Thinking Space – Support Visioning of Learning Spaces for the Future

The resource goes some way to addressing a need that has been identified by educationalists and other stakeholders, by providing a set of activities, tools and techniques that can be used to facilitate workshop sessions to help people in the … Continue reading

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