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The role of gender in social network organization

The digital traces we leave behind when engaging with the modern world offer an interesting lens through which we study behavioral patterns as expression of gender. Although gender differentiation has been observed in a number of settings, the majority of … Continue reading

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The Pursuit of Gender Equality – An Uphill Battle

Gender inequalities persist in all areas of social and economic life and across countries. Young women in OECD countries generally obtain more years of schooling than young men, but women are less likely than men to engage in paid work. … Continue reading

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Why our ancestors were more gender equal than us

It is often believed that hierarchical and sometimes oppressive social structures like the patriarchy are somehow natural – a reflection of the law of the jungle. But the social structure of today’s hunter gatherers suggests that our ancestors were in … Continue reading

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Sex Equality can explain the unique Social Structure of Hunter-gatherers

The social organization of mobile hunter-gatherers has several derived features, including low within-camp relatedness and fluid meta-groups. Although these features have been proposed to have provided the selective context for the evolution of human hypercooperation and cumulative culture, how such … Continue reading

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The Global Gender Gap Report 2013

Since 2006, through the Global Gender Gap Report series, the World Economic Forum has been quantifying the magnitude of gender-based disparities and tracking their progress over time. By providing a comprehensive framework for benchmarking global gender gaps, the Report identifies … Continue reading

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Gender Differences in Education

One of the most striking trends in education in the past two or three decades has been the rapid increase in female educational attainment. From the cohorts born in the 1950’s onwards women quickly caught up with men in educational … Continue reading

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Gender Equality and Development

The main message of this year’s World Development Report: Gender Equality and Development is that these patterns of progress and persistence in gender equality matter, both for development outcomes and policy making. They matter because gender equality is a core … Continue reading

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Leadership, Cognitive Complexity, and Gender

This paper uses two theories of adult development to frame an exploration of gender and leadership. In the last decade, the definition of an effective leader has shifted from charismatic decision maker to steward, designer, and builder of learning organizations. … Continue reading

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Resource Guide on Gender and Climate Change

Climate change is the defining human development issue of our generation. The 2007 Human Development report acknowledges that climate change threatens to erode human freedoms and limit choice and the report further underscores that gender inequality intersects with climate risks … Continue reading

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Practising Gender Equality in Education

This book is designed to help non-government organisations (NGOs), practitioners,teachers,government officials,and researchers think about and develop their understanding ofkey issues in achieving gender equality in education.It has been compiled in order to support the development of policy and good practice … Continue reading

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