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Globalization and Contestation: A Polanyian Problematic

The Polanyian problematic presents us with a unified, complex, and dialectical means to interpret globalization and its social contestation by diverse social and political forces. For Karl Polanyi, globalization as we know it would probably be conceived of as an … Continue reading

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Globalization and/or a Globe of Villages

The current information revolution provides the opportunity for generating, disseminating, or storing vast amounts of information. Never before has humankind been in such a position to shape its own destiny. To facilitate these efforts, creativity needs to be combined with … Continue reading

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National Culture, the Globalization of Communications and the Bounded Political Community

The globalization of culture has a long history. The formation and expansion of the great world religions are profound examples of the capacity of ideas and beliefs to cross great distances with decisive social impacts. Though the vast majority of … Continue reading

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Global Inequality – Is globalisation a solution to world poverty?

Economic inequality is a matter of sociological importance and sociologists should be interested in it. As mentioned in the introduction, power, inequality and conflict have been central themes of sociology, including inequality in wealth and income. One of the aims … Continue reading

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Globalization, Inequality, and Political Development – Modeling the Future

Is globalization conducive to long-run economic growth and development?  Almost certainly yes.  But as for trade’s impact on long-run  political growth and development, here the state of our knowledge lags far behind.  This chapter attempts to redress the imbalance. Rather … Continue reading

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The Nordic Model – Embracing globalization and sharing risks

The Nordic model is widely regarded as a benchmark. A number of comparative studies of economic and social performance have ranked the Nordics high. A common finding of cross-country comparisons is that the Nordics succeed better than other countries in … Continue reading

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“A globalização é uma uma nova forma de colonização, uma sinfonia de ilusões”

Autor de estudos sobre o modo como as percepções de tempo e espaço se alteraram no mundo contemporâneo, o antropólogo francês Marc Augé reflete sobre essas mudanças em uma entrevista especial. “A distância entre ricos e pobres é cada vez … Continue reading

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Territory, Authority, Rights: From Medieval to Global Assemblages

Where does the nation-state end and globalization begin? In Territory, Authority, Rights, one of the world’s leading authorities on globalization shows how the national state made today’s global era possible. Saskia Sassen argues that even while globalization is best understood … Continue reading

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Future Global Shocks – OECD

Read Disruptive shocks to the global economy are likely to become more frequent and cause greater economic and societal hardship. The economic spill-over effect of events like the financial crisis or a potential pandemic will grow due to the increasing … Continue reading

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Globalization, the Knowledge Society, and the Network State: Poulantzas at the millennium

In State, Power, Socialism, Nicos Poulantzas conceptualized a state that materializes and concentrates power and displaces the class struggle from the economic to the political arena. In the past twenty years, much has changed. We argue that economic relations have … Continue reading

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