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Foucault, Gramsci and Critical Theory

Bringing Marx, Gramsci, and Foucault together is not so common in Germany and this is reflected in the limited number of scholars who do such work. Most critical intellectuals who refer to one of these names usually exclude the other … Continue reading

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Antonio Gramsci’s Impact on Critical Pedagogy

This article provides an account of Antonio Gramsci’s impact on the area of critical pedagogy. It indicates the Gramscian influence on the thinking of major exponents of the field. It foregrounds Gramsci’s ideas and then indicates how they have been … Continue reading

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Rethinking Critical Pedagogy and the Gramscian and Freirean Legacies

Critical pedagogy problematizes the relationship between education and politics, between sociopolitical relations and pedagogical practices, between the reproduction of dependent hierarchies of power and privilege in the domain of everyday social life and that of classrooms and institutions. In doing … Continue reading

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Neoliberalism and Hegemony in the New Millennium

Neoliberalism and Hegemony in the New Millennium Gramsci wrote “that the modern prince, the myth-prince cannot be a real person, a concrete individual. It can only be an organism, a complex element of society in which a collective will, which … Continue reading

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In and Against the State – Gramsci, War of Position, and Adult Education

Read This paper focuses on the way a state-funded university, as an important institution of civil society, consolidates existing hegemonic arrangements and, at the same time, offers spaces wherein these arrangements can be contested. Using ethnographic data culled from structured … Continue reading

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Gramsci, Freire, and Adult Education: possibilities for Transformative Action

This book focuses on two of the most cited figures in the debate on radical education, Antonio Gramsci and Paulo Freire. Both regarded forms of adult education as having an important role to play in the struggle for liberation from … Continue reading

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Gramsci and education

Gramsci and education Antonio Gramsci (1891-1937) is one of the major social and political theorists of the 20th century whose work has had an enormous influence on several fields, including educational theory and practice. Gramsci and Education demonstrates the relevance … Continue reading

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Gramsci’s politics of language: engaging the Bakhtin Circle and the Frankfurt School

Antonio Gramsci and his concept of hegemony have permeated social and political theory, cultural studies, education studies, literary criticism, international relations, and post-colonial theory. The centrality of language and linguistics to Gramsci’s thought, however, has been wholly neglected. In Gramsci’s … Continue reading

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Gramsci más allá de Gramsci

Gramsci más allá de Gramsci Uno de los mayores aportes de Gramsci a la Ciencia Política moderna es el de determinar el alcance del concepto de sociedad civil y el vínculo que esta establece con la sociedad en general. Gramsci … Continue reading

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Critical Education Against Global Capitalism – Karl Marx and Revolutionary Critical Education

Read In this book, I describe an approach to critical education that was developed through my work with adults. I call it revolutionary critical education. It is an approach that aims to prepare people to engage in self and social … Continue reading

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