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The hunt for human nature

We still live in the long shadow of Man-the-Hunter: a midcentury theory of human origins soaked in strife and violence. By describing how and why humans had become the dominant species on the planet, these scientists saw themselves as rescuing … Continue reading

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Dialogue and Culture

The volume deals with the relationship between language, dialogue, human nature and culture by focusing on an approach that considers culture to be a crucial component of dialogic interaction. Part I refers to the so-called ‘language instinct debate’ between nativists … Continue reading

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Primates and Philosophers: How Morality Evolved

“It’s the animal in us,” we often hear when we’ve been bad. But why not when we’re good? Primates and Philosophers tackle this question by exploring the biological foundations of one of humanity’s most valued traits: morality. In this provocative … Continue reading

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The Age of Empathy: Nature’s Lessons for a Kinder Society

Empathy holds communities together, and humans have evolved into empathetic creatures (and not only humans, but also primates, elephants, even rodents). Humans are hardwired to be altruistic, the result of thousands of years of evolutionary biology that has kept society … Continue reading

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The Human Nature of Teaching

In our culture we do  too much teaching, or too much of what we call “teaching;” and much of that activity interferes with education more than it helps. Some readers have wondered if  I’m just plain dead set against all … Continue reading

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