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Persistent and Pervasive Community: New Communication Technologies and the Future of Community

Two affordances of digital communication technologies, persistent contact, and pervasive awareness are ushering in a fundamental change to the structure of a community. These affordances break from the mobility narrative that has described community since the rise of urban industrialism, … Continue reading

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Preparing for the Digital University: a review of Distance, Blended, and Online Learning

The articles presented in this report provide an overview of research literature in: • Distance education • Blended learning • Online learning • Credentialing • MOOC research • Future learning technology infrastructures It is our intent that these reports will … Continue reading

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Digital, Networked and Open: The Digital Scholar – How Technology Is Transforming Scholarly Practice

The structure of this book: essentially about three things: how the adoption of new technology is changing scholarly practice, how it could change practice and what questions does this raise for all academics? This book has four main sections that … Continue reading

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eLearning in the University – When will it really happen?

eLearning has enormous potential in education, and there is an urgent need to take stock of the possibilities that it offers. Despite this urgency, research on eLearning is still in a nascent stage and there is a degree of conceptual … Continue reading

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