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Cyber-Proletariat – Global Labour in the Digital Vortex

Cyber-Proletariat shows us the dark-side of the information revolution; an unsparing analysis of class power and computerisation. Nick Dyer-Witheford reveals how technology facilitates growing polarisation between wealthy elites and precarious workers. He reveals the class domination behind everything from expanding … Continue reading

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Info-computational Constructivism and Cognition

At present, we lack a common understanding of both the process of cognition in living organisms and the construction of knowledge in embodied, embedded cognizing agents in general, including future artifactual cognitive agents under development, such as cognitive robots and … Continue reading

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Overcoming ‘Tragedies of the Commons’ with a Self-Regulating, Participatory Market Society

Our society is fundamentally changing. These days, almost nothing works without a computer chip. Processing power doubles every 18 months and will exceed the capabilities of human brains in about ten years from now. Some time ago, IBM’s Big Blue … Continue reading

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Higher Education Trends – 2013 Horizon Report

The tenth edition describes annual findings from the NMC Horizon Project, a decade-long research project designed to identify and describe emerging technologies likely to have an impact on learning, teaching, and creative inquiry in higher education. Six emerging technologies are … Continue reading

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Enfants et écrans: psychologie et cognition

L’Académie des sciences vient de publier un rapport sur la relation des enfants aux écrans, un rapport qui tord le cou à nombre d’idées reçues sur le sujet et fait le point sur les connaissances scientifiques, éducatives et neurobiologiques. L’Académie … Continue reading

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Distributed Cognition – Toward a New Foundation for Human-Computer Interaction Research

We are quickly passing through the historical moment when people work in front of a single computer, dominated by a small CRT and focused on tasks involving only local information. Networked computers are becoming ubiquitous and are playing increasingly significant … Continue reading

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Internet and Society – Social Theory in the Information Age

Internet and society is an emerging research field. A number of strands are converging to feed this field. Among them are sociology of technology, new media studies, and social informatics. It does not come as a surprise that this field, … Continue reading

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The Autopoietic State: Communication and Democratic Potential in the Net

The relationship between the practice of democracy and the use of new information technologies is dependent upon the technologies of communication and information, rules regarding the use of those technologies, and the nature of the entity making rules regarding those … Continue reading

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COMMUNEcating in the Spaces In-Between – Creating New Understandings of Organizing and Communicative Practice

This essay describes the authors’ efforts to engage disciplinary calls for greater diversity through the construction of an international online community and conference, COMMUNEcation. They describe the commitments and goals of the community and conference, the construction of the COMMUNEcating … Continue reading

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Asymmetries of Knowledge: Mediated Ethnography and ICT for Development

Over the last few decades the Internet, World Wide Web, cyberspace and so forth have emerged as crucial cultural and political arenas, and thus of increasing relevance as objects and areas of ethnographic inquiry. The paper argues that the ethnographical … Continue reading

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