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The Individual in Capitalistic Society

This chapter explores a fundamental alternative philosophy of the subject. Drawing inspiration from Adorno’s critical theory and from Fromm’s social psychology, Smith offers a contemporary, cross-disciplinary study of the subject, including the individual’s relation with society and social development. What … Continue reading

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Social and Cognitive Development in the Context of Individual, Social, and Cultural Processes

In recent years a proliferation of theoretical and empirical scholarship has emerged on how social and cultural factors shape development. This work has provided important information about the multiple goals and pathways of development throughout the world, yet many issues … Continue reading

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How does it Feel to Act Together?

This paper on the phenomenology of joint agency proposes a foray into a little-explored territory at the intersection of two very active domains of research: joint action and sense of agency. I explore two ways in which our experience of … Continue reading

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On the Role of Social Interaction in Individual Agency

Is an individual agent constitutive of or constituted by its social interactions? This question is typically not asked in the cognitive sciences, so strong is the consensus that only individual agents have constitutive efficacy. In this article, we challenge this … Continue reading

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The Role of the Individual in the Social Information Process

The aim of this paper is to point out which role the individual plays in the generation of information in social systems. First, it is argued that the individual is a social, self-conscious, creative, reflective, cultural,  symbol- and language-using, active … Continue reading

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