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Nomads, Knowmads, Noumads

Nomads have very special relations with space. They go from location to location but never make a location their own. Something is missing from their maps. We may call this missing element a concept of territory, or, a sense of … Continue reading

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Hybrid futures, Knowmads and the Notion state

Knowmads are substantial agents of change, who drastically alter the infocologies they interact with. The level of freedom implied by the knowmadic state is a new existential virtuality that pushes into the real, in the process transforming and meshing the … Continue reading

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Knowmads in Society

Remember nomads? In the pre-industrial age, nomads were people that moved with their livelihood (usually animal herding) instead of settling at a single location. Industrialization forced the settlement of many nomadic peoples…but, something new is emerging in the 21st century: … Continue reading

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