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Low Skilled Humans Need Not Apply: The Employment Future For A Child Born Today

In this article I am going to discuss the labor market and education opportunities a child born in 2015 could have when they are 16–20 by looking at how technology will disrupt the majority of jobs young people can only … Continue reading

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The Decline of Labour Process Analysis and the Future Sociology of Work

Labour process analysis (LPA) is a well-established approach to the sociological study of work which attends to the instabilities of capitalism and, more specifically, to the volatile and contested nature of social relations at work. However, an unreflexive ‘neo-orthodoxy’ has … Continue reading

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Transnational Networks of Radical Labour Research

During the last three or four decades labour, union, research and advocacy networks have interacted with networks of anti-capitalist or alter-globalist social justice activists. These interactions have enabled the (self-)organisation of working people across production networks linking the Global North … Continue reading

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