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Occupy Latin America

The ongoing student protests in Chile are an unwavering accomplishment aimed at combating the social injustice riddling the country’s education system. What started out as a series of peaceful protests has become a manifestation of unity between students, artists and … Continue reading

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Latin America: Growth, Stability and Inequalities: Lessons for the US and EU

Read The image of Latin America portrayed by the mass media and held by the educated public is a region of frequent coups, periodical revolutions, perpetual military dictatorships, alternating boom and bust economies and an ever-present International Monetary Fund (IMF) … Continue reading

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A antielitização latino-americana

Read As elites latino-americanas enfrentam uma crise de identidade e estão vendo encurralada sua capacidade ideológica para transfigurar seus interesses privados em projetos políticos majoritários próprios ou afins. Essas elites perderam seus pontos de referência. Elas sempre se refugiaram e … Continue reading

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Decentralized Development in Latin America: Experiences in Local Governance and Local Development

Read The Latin American subcontinent appears to have reinvented itself in the 21st century. Its economy has been transformed under liberalization and globalisation. Decentralization and the democratic transition have modified the political environment, while local development approaches are replacing the … Continue reading

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