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Systems Intelligence in Leadership and Everyday Life

The Systems Intelligence approach that we have developed with a number of associates and students in the course of the past five years at Helsinki University of Technology, offers a major opening for the understanding of leadership. The perspective is rich in … Continue reading

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Leadership as defined by culture, profession and gender

There are many variables that go into the making of a leader. Culture, which in itself has many variables (race, religion, language, etc.), is one such variable. To understand ethnic-minority leadership one has to invest in understanding cultural influence, in … Continue reading

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The Importance of Emotional Intelligence for Authentic Leadership Style

The acceleration of the business environment often does not leave individuals sufficient amount of time and space to establish meaningful connections – especially among the manager’s population. Although the emphasis is placed on the fact that people are the most valuable resource for … Continue reading

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Authentic leadership: application to women leaders

The purpose of this perspective article is to present the argument that authentic leadership is a gendered representation of leadership. We first provide a brief history of leadership theories and definitions of authentic leadership. We then critique authentic leadership and … Continue reading

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Conversational Leadership: Thinking Together for a Change

After experiencing his first World Café dialogue at a program on self-organizing systems, Bob Veazie had an uncomfortable epiphany. At the time, he was a senior engineer and manufacturing manager at a Hewlett Packard plant in Oregon. In that World … Continue reading

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Systems Intelligent Leadership

Leadership is a drive towards improvements in the company of others. It amounts to action within systems and the cultivation of systems, in order to create leverage and spirals towards the upscale. The best option is to face the living … Continue reading

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Ethical Leadership: A review and future directions

Our literature review focuses on the emerging construct of ethical leadership and compares this construct with related concepts that share a common concern for a moral dimension of leadership (e.g., spiritual, authentic, and transformational leadership). Drawing broadly from the intersection … Continue reading

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Emergence of Leadership within a Homogeneous Group

Large scale coordination without dominant, consistent leadership is frequent in nature. How individuals emerge from within the group as leaders, however transitory this position may be, has become an increasingly common question asked. This question is further complicated by the … Continue reading

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Leader Emergence through Interpersonal Neural Synchronization

Great leaders are often great communicators. However, little is known about the neural basis of leader–follower communication. Only recently have neuroscientists been able to examine interpersonal neural synchronization (INS) between leaders and followers during social interactions. Here, we show that … Continue reading

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Leadership in an Egalitarian Society

Leadership is instrumental to the resolution of collective action dilemmas, particularly in large, heterogeneous groups. Less is known about the characteristics or effectiveness of leadership in small-scale, homogeneous, and relatively egalitarian societies, in which humans have spent most of our … Continue reading

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