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Understanding, Reflecting and Designing Learning Spaces of Tomorrow

This  conceptual paper describes challenges  in the field of  Interactive Media and Learning  (IML),  striving  towards  a research and teaching  field for mobile learning. The theoretical background is provided  and arguments are listed, specifically what challenges researchers, practitioners (e.g., teachers, … Continue reading

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The Characteristics of Participatory Learning

Read Read also: The Characteristics of Participatory Learning In extended conversations with these educators, we have identified five main elements that are quintessential features of meaningful participatory learning for the 21st century: motivation and engagement, relevance, creativity, co-configured expertise, and … Continue reading

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Learning Spaces in Europe in 2020 – an imagining exercise on the Future of Learning

“Learning Spaces” (LS) is the term used in a report published in 2006 by the Institute for Prospective Technological Studies, “as a way to embrace a different view of future learning”. This report moves the discussion of Learning Spaces forward … Continue reading

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Thinking Space – Support Visioning of Learning Spaces for the Future

The resource goes some way to addressing a need that has been identified by educationalists and other stakeholders, by providing a set of activities, tools and techniques that can be used to facilitate workshop sessions to help people in the … Continue reading

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Designing Spaces for Effective Learning – a Guide to 21st century Learning Space Design

Read An educational building is an expensive long-term resource. The design of its individual spaces needs to be: •     Flexible – to accommodate both current and evolving pedagogies •     Future-proofed – to enable space to be re-allocated and … Continue reading

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The Importance of Place

Read This paper outlines why a sub-national perspective on employment and skills is important when considering work, employment and education issues. It argues that there are sub-national variations in employment structures, skills profiles and the quality of the educational infrastructure, … Continue reading

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Understanding the Learning Space

Read How do schools successfully support the personalising of learning though the use of digital technologies? The research reported here explores the relationship between digital technologies and current moves to provide a more personalised learning experience. Recommendations are made that … Continue reading

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Modeling Spaces for Self-directed Learning at University Courses

This paper conceptualizes the theoretical framework of modeling learning spaces for self-directed learning at university courses. It binds together two ideas: a) self-directed learners’ common learning spaces may be characterized as abstract niches, b) niche characteristics are collectively determined through … Continue reading

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Learning Today: the Lasting Value of Place

Read At a conference last summer, Bill Gates predicted that “place-based activity in college will be five times less important than it is today.” Noting the ever-growing popularity of online learning, he predicted that “five years from now, on the … Continue reading

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Adaptive Educational Environments as Creative Spaces – Theoretical Developments and Educational Applications

Read Three years ago the authors worked collaboratively on a paper that integrated theoretical perspectives and practical insights in a conceptualisation of adaptive educational environments as creative spaces for fostering intellectual abilities associated with transference and synthesis in cross-disciplinary situations. … Continue reading

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