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Sociological Dilemmas: Toward a Dialectic Paradigm

Book – Sociological Dilemmas: Toward a Dialectic Paradigm aims to build a new paradigm in sociological theory by using the method of dialectical critique, patterned on the approach utilized by Karl Marx. The book explores the sociological heritage, with the theoretical … Continue reading

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The Forgotten Marxist Theory of Communication & Society

Marxist political economy of communication analyses the role of communication in society and capitalism. This paper shows what it means to take a historical and materialist approach for analyzing communication and society. In the German-speaking world, Marxist communication research has … Continue reading

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La Centralidad Política de la Clase y la Izquierda Académica Actual

“Estos nuevos guerreros no clasistas de cierta izquierda académica actual aceptan en la práctica la construcción neoliberal del universo social. Tampoco para ellos hay clases o política de clases; simplemente, un mundo postmoderno en el que la fragmentación, la diversidad … Continue reading

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Digital Labour and Karl Marx

How is labour changing in the age of computers, the Internet, and “social media” such as Facebook, Google, YouTube and Twitter? In Digital Labour and Karl Marx, Christian Fuchs attempts to answer that question, crafting a systematic critical theorisation of … Continue reading

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Foucault, Gramsci and Critical Theory

Bringing Marx, Gramsci, and Foucault together is not so common in Germany and this is reflected in the limited number of scholars who do such work. Most critical intellectuals who refer to one of these names usually exclude the other … Continue reading

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Critical Thinking as Dialectics: a Hegelian-Marxist Approach

Admitting that the peculiarity of education doesn‟t merely lie in the acquisition of knowledge, as a compilation of data, but that it refers to the fostering, within the pedagogical relationship, of universal human capabilities, the ability to think to be … Continue reading

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Afterthoughts on Piketty’s Capital – David Harvey

Thomas Piketty has written a book called Capital that has caused quite a stir. He demolishes the widely-held view that free market capitalism spreads the wealth around and that it is the great bulwark for the defense of individual liberties … Continue reading

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Leia Piketty, mas não se esqueça de Marx – David Harvey

Reflexões sobre desigualdade do economista francês são brilhantes e oportuníssimas. Porém não conte com ele para compreender dinâmica central do sistema. Thomas Piketty escreveu um livro chamado Capital que causou uma tremenda comoção. Ele aniquila a visão, amplamente aceita, de … Continue reading

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Democracy against Neoliberalism – Paradoxes, Limitations, Transcendence

Procedural (formal, liberal, capitalist or bourgeois) democracy is the political form of neoliberalism, and it dominates political thought and state practice today. This modality of management of class relations is currently in crisis, expressed through the evacuation of politics, the … Continue reading

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On Karl Marx, Chaos and Creativity

A more mundane lesson is that some creative people thrive on chaos. Every pop-psychology nostrum about creativity – the importance of balance, of cultivating undistracted focus, of getting plenty of exercise – is undermined by the many chaotic creatives whose … Continue reading

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