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The University Mental Health Charter

The mental health of university students and staff has been a focus of increasing concern in the UK, with a weight of evidence suggesting that large numbers of students and staff are experiencing poor mental health, while a part of their university. The number of students … Continue reading

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Poorer children’s summer holiday experiences linked with worse mental well-being

For most children and young people, the school holidays are a time to have fun with friends and family, and do everything they might not be able to do during term time. As one of the world’s richest economies, you … Continue reading

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Moral injury: violating your ethical code can damage mental health

Should a soldier shoot the child who is pointing a gun at them and their colleague? Should a photographer film the aftermath of a terrorist attack or help the injured? Many situations present professionals with ethical dilemmas – and the … Continue reading

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Epidemic of poor mental health among low-paid workers

Being lower on the pecking order at work is associated with having serious psychiatric problems, our latest research shows. We found that abusive managers negatively affect the emotional and psychological well-being of those beneath them and that they make workers … Continue reading

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The perils of a Life in Isolation

Humans are hardwired to interact with others, especially during times of stress. On the other hand, when we go through a trying ordeal alone, a lack of emotional support and comradeship can increase our anxiety and hinder our ability to … Continue reading

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Is Income Inequality ‘Toxic for Mental Health’? On Municipal Level Risk Factors for Depression

Given the dramatic changes in the use of antidepressant, most inequality research on the relationship between inequality and mental health has focused on cross-country variation. Findings from within-country data are mixed. We examined whether changes in municipal Gini index or … Continue reading

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Workers insecurity drive a rise in poor mental health harming productivity: OECD Report

“Increasing job insecurity and pressure in today’s workplaces could drive a rise in mental health problems in the years ahead”. “The share of workers exposed to work-related stress, or job strain, has increased in the past decade all across the … Continue reading

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