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Power Increases Hypocrisy: Moralizing in Reasoning, Immorality in Behavior

In five studies, we explored whether power increases moral hypocrisy (i.e., imposing strict moral standards on other people but practicing less strict moral behavior oneself). In Experiment 1, compared with the powerless, the powerful condemned other people’s cheating more, but … Continue reading

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Beyond the Sociobiological Dilemma: Social Emotions and the Evolution of Morality

Is morality biologically altruistic? Does it imply a disadvantage in the struggle for existence? A positive answer puts morality at odds with natural selection unless natural selection operates at the level of groups. In this case, a trait that is … Continue reading

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Does stress alter everyday moral decision-making?

Recent studies in the field of neuropsychological decision-making, as well as moral psychology, emphasize the role of emotions in decision-making. The current study examines whether stress affects moral decision-making. We induced stress in 20 participants with the Trier Social Stress Test … Continue reading

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Stress alters personal moral decision making

While early studies of moral decision making highlighted the role of rational, conscious executive processes involving frontal lobe activation more recent work has suggested that emotions and gut reactions have a key part to play in moral reasoning. Given that … Continue reading

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Risky disciplining: On interdisciplinarity between sociology and cognitive neuroscience in the governing of morality

The neuroscience of morality presents novel approaches in exploring the cognitive and affective underpinnings of moral conduct and is steadily accumulating influence within discursive frames of biocitizenship. Many claims are infused with varieties of neuroactuarialism in governing morally risky subjects, with implications that … Continue reading

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Is It Good to Cooperate? Testing the Theory of Morality-as-Cooperation

What is morality? And to what extent does it vary around the world? The theory of “morality-as-cooperation” argues that morality consists of a collection of biological and cultural solutions to the problems of cooperation recurrent in human social life. Morality-as-cooperation draws on … Continue reading

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The Moral Importance of Understanding Consciousness

Debating whether other beings are conscious can sometimes feel like an unimportant academic exercise. But it’s not. The conclusion we reach determines how we treat animals—our livestock, our research subjects, and our neighbors in cities and other places we live. … Continue reading

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Empathy and Morality

Empathy’s centrality to morality is heavily debated. Many religious and philosophical traditions have favored empathy, sympathy, or compassion as key to moral thought, conduct, or motivation. David Hume famously thought that the pains and pleasures of others move people only … Continue reading

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People are profoundly motivated to maintain a reputation as a Morally good person

New research sheds light on the type of sacrifices people are willing to make to protect their moral reputations. Our common scholarly interest in the idea that the human self-evolved for and serves social purposes was what brought us to … Continue reading

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Darwin Day Revelation: Evolution, Not Religion, is the Source of Morality

There you have it: the elemental fear that belief in evolution will cause morality to collapse. That fear is predicated on a powerful assumption: that morality comes to us from God via religion. This is false. It is demonstrably false. … Continue reading

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