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How to Help Your Child Get Motivated in School

Strategies you can use to help kids work up to their potential. If you have a child who is struggling in school and doesn’t seem to be motivated to make an effort, the first thing you want to do is … Continue reading

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Motivation, Emotion, and Cognition: Integrative Perspectives on Intellectual Functioning and Development

The central argument of this book is that cognition is not the whole story in understanding intellectual functioning and development. To account for inter-individual, intra-individual, and developmental variability in actual intellectual performance, it is necessary to treat cognition, emotion, and … Continue reading

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Schools to blame for Unmotivated Students

New research challenges the idea that motivation at school is down to the individual, and that kids either have it, or not. “When we talk of motivation, we are usually talking about something that is linked to individuals. We say, … Continue reading

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How Curiosity drives Learning

People find it easier to learn about topics that interest them, but little is known about the mechanisms by which intrinsic motivational states affect learning. We used functional magnetic resonance imaging to investigate how curiosity (intrinsic motivation to learn) influences … Continue reading

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Social Relationships – Cognitive, Affective, and Motivational Processes

The extraordinary importance of personal relationships to the health and happiness of human beings hardly can be overstated. From the time they are born, humans crave love and intimacy and the joy of knowing that they are valued and cherished … Continue reading

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What’s Your Learning Disposition? How to Foster Students’ Mindsets

Here are a few important mindsets to consider. Belonging to an academic community: Feeling connected to adults and peers at school intellectually, not just socially, through an academic community, is a strong motivator. Feeling a sense of belonging in an … Continue reading

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Keeping Students Motivated to Learn

Educators have lots of ideas about how to improve education, to better reach learners and to give students the skills they’ll need in college and beyond the classroom. But often those conversations remain between adults. The real test of any … Continue reading

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Innovation Motivation: The Need to Be Different

All choice points mandate a dichotomous initial decision: whether to attempt to replicate a response previously used in similar situations or to essay a different approach. Individuals are hypothesized to differ in the direction and degree of their relative preference … Continue reading

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Developing creativity, motivation, and self-actualization with learning systems

Developing learning experiences that facilitate self-actualization and creativity is among the most important goals of our society in preparation for the future. To facilitate deep understanding of a new concept, to facilitate learning, learners must have the opportunity to develop … Continue reading

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