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Culture and Epistemologies: Putting Culture back into the Ecosystem

This chapter reviews a body of research on cultural differences in framework theories for engaging with nature, focusing primary on Indigenous American and European-American comparisons. Native-American samples reveal a pattern of converging observations that point to a relational epistemological orientation … Continue reading

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Biomimetics: Lessons from Nature – an Overview

Nature has developed materials, objects and processes that function from the macroscale to the nanoscale. These have gone through evolution over 3.8 Gyr. The emerging field of biomimetics allows one to mimic biology or nature to develop nanomaterials, nanodevices and … Continue reading

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Justice, Nature and the Geography of Difference

This book engages with the politics of social and environmental justice, and seeks new ways to think about the future of urbanization in the twenty-first century. It establishes foundational concepts for understanding how space, time, place and nature – the … Continue reading

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The Age of Empathy: Nature’s Lessons for a Kinder Society

Empathy holds communities together, and humans have evolved into empathetic creatures (and not only humans, but also primates, elephants, even rodents). Humans are hardwired to be altruistic, the result of thousands of years of evolutionary biology that has kept society … Continue reading

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Information and Coherence in Nature – and the Cancer of Human-World Incoherence

The presence of information in natural systems is not limited to genetic information: all aspects of the functioning of the systems that arise and evolve in nature imply the presence of information (where “information” is used in the sense analogous … Continue reading

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A Classroom Without Walls – Deepening Children’s Connections With Nature

Working with children, our job is one of setting the kindling for the wonderful sparks of curiosity and deep interest to spring forth. We wait for the “ah-has.” It is up to the students, alone or collectively, to do the … Continue reading

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Successful businesses mirror nature in their evolution

Read Observing nature and evolution isn’t just an abstract intellectual exercise, says a Berlin consultancy specialized in “evolutionary management.” Keen observation can be a way to adapt, innovate and succeed in business. “There are many intelligent principles in nature that … Continue reading

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