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Networked Learning: An Educational Paradigm for the Age of Digital Networks

This book is a major contribution to the field of networked learning and provides the most comprehensive examination and analysis to date of its place in education in a networked society. As Chris Jones comments in his conclusion, at root … Continue reading

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Networked Connectivity and Adult Learning – Social Media the Knowledgeable Other and Distance Education

Over the past decades, information technology has had a disruptive effect on adult education. Today, learners can access libraries from their pocket and shape their thoughts while socializing on networks. The position of educators as ‘knowledgeable others’ has been challenged … Continue reading

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Knowledge Sharing over Social Networking Systems

Previous research has focused heavily on community communications as they occur in e.g. communities of practice. Still, as indicated by the concept of networked individualism, contacts are becoming more networked in nature and group membership is transient. The research presented … Continue reading

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Academic Bildung in Net-based Higher Education: Moving beyond Learning

The explosive emergence of net-based learning in higher education brings with it new possibilities and constraints in teaching and learning environments. This edited collection considers how the concept of Academic Bildung – a term suggesting a personal educational process beyond … Continue reading

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Networked Knowing

With creative work, much of the knowledge required is implicit. It cannot be found in a manual or text book, and there is no training program to become creative. Informal learning, often with peers, is how creative workers have learned … Continue reading

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The networked student model for construction of personal learning environments

Principles of networked learning, constructivism, and connectivism inform the design of a test case through which secondary students construct personal learning environments for the purpose of the independent inquiry. Emerging web applications and open educational resources are integrated to support … Continue reading

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Distributed Cognition – Toward a New Foundation for Human-Computer Interaction Research

We are quickly passing through the historical moment when people work in front of a single computer, dominated by a small CRT and focused on tasks involving only local information. Networked computers are becoming ubiquitous and are playing increasingly significant … Continue reading

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The Unexpected Connection – Serendipity and Human Mediation in Networked Learning

Major changes on the Web in recent years have contributed to an abundance of information for people to harness in their learning. Emerging technologies have instigated the need for critical literacies to support learners on open online networks in the … Continue reading

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Social Networked Learning in Complex Information Environments

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Dialogue design – transformation of identity and local practice – An open-ended story on net-worked learning

Read This paper reflects the experiences with Dialogue Design for cross-cultural collaboration and product development in relation to local transformation of practice(s). The paper presents a methodology for transnational learning using Dialogue design on deliberate ideals and continuously evaluation as … Continue reading

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