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Overlapping Community Detection based on Network Decomposition

Community detection in complex network has become a vital step to understand the structure and dynamics of networks in various fields. However, traditional node clustering and relatively new proposed link clustering methods have inherent drawbacks to discover overlapping communities. Node … Continue reading

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Explosive Contagion in Networks

The spread of social phenomena such as behaviors, ideas or products is an ubiquitous but remarkably complex phenomenon. A successful avenue to study the spread of social phenomena relies on epidemic models by establishing analogies between the transmission of social … Continue reading

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Network Building Resources

In the face of complex social and ecological issues, such as systemic oppression, climate change, and poverty, single actors are hard pressed to have much impact. Working through networks calls on a specific set of skills and sensibilities that may … Continue reading

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Collective Impact and Building Networks for System Change

A recent report out of the University of Michigan and Michigan State University highlights a number of food systems change efforts that have adopted a collective impact approach. Two of these are initiatives that IISC supports – Food Solutions New … Continue reading

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Organization, Development and Function of Complex Brain Networks

Recent research has revealed general principles in the structural and functional organization of complex networks which are shared by various natural, social and technological systems. This review examines these principles as applied to the organization, development and function of complex … Continue reading

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Virality Prediction and Community Structure in Social Networks

How does network structure affect diffusion? Recent studies suggest that the answer depends on the type of contagion. Complex contagions, unlike infectious diseases (simple contagions), are affected by social reinforcement and homophily. Hence, the spread within highly clustered communities is … Continue reading

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Accessibility in Networks: Understanding Social Insect Nest Architecture

Networks and the associated tools from graph theory have now become well-established approaches to study natural as well as human-made systems. While early studies focused on topology and connectivity, the recent literature has acknowledged the importance of the dynamical properties … Continue reading

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Social Insects: A Model System for Network Dynamics

Social insect colonies (ants, bees, wasps, and termites) show sophisticated collective problem-solving in the face of variable constraints. Individuals exchange information and materials such as food. The resulting network structure and dynamics can inform us about the mechanisms by which … Continue reading

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Networlds – Networks and Philosophy from Experience to Meaning

Imagine the world, and everything in it, composed of networks. This book shows how it’s possible to see the world around us in precisely this way. Starting from everyday, lived experience, using accessible language, and requiring no prior knowledge of … Continue reading

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Network Effects on Scientific Collaborations

The analysis of co-authorship network aims at exploring the impact of network structure on the outcome of scientific collaborations and research publications. However, little is known about what network properties are associated with authors who have increased number of joint … Continue reading

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