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Multirelational Organization of Large-scale Social Networks in an Online World

The capacity to collect fingerprints of individuals in online media has revolutionized the way researchers explore human society. Social systems can be seen as a nonlinear superposition of a multitude of complex social networks, where nodes represent individuals and links … Continue reading

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Empowerment and Online Social Networking

The purpose of this chapter is to apply new theoretical constructions to the unique situation of online social networks by investigating the issue of personal and collective empowerment. To better illustrate the applicability of the new theoretical constructions, ideas of … Continue reading

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Stigmergic dimensions of Online Creative Interaction

This paper examines the stigmergic dimensions of online interactive creativity through the lens of Picbreeder. Picbreeder is a web-based system for collaborative interactive evolution of images. The Picbreeder applet starts by randomly generating several images, which are then mated and … Continue reading

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The Dynamics of Protest Recruitment through an Online Network

The recent wave of mobilizations in the Arab world and across Western countries has generated much discussion on how digital media is connected to the diffusion of protests. We examine that connection using data from the surge of mobilizations that … Continue reading

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How to scale peer learning online

Read Helping people learn with each other is the most important thing for P2PU to get right. In a few weeks we will be launching “Webmaking 101″ to try new ways of helping (many) more people learn together. It’s a … Continue reading

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Open Online Courses: PLN Environments and Networks

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Discussions on Learning in Online Networks and Communities

Read This report brings together the main messages from a workshop held to validate the results of a study on ‘Innovations in new ICT-facilitated Learning Communities’. A large and an increasing number of people live in an environment where informal … Continue reading

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