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Organisms, activity, and being: on the substance of process ontology

According to contemporary ‘process ontology’, organisms are best conceptualised as spatio-temporally extended entities whose mereological composition is fundamentally contingent and whose essence consists in changeability. In contrast to the Aristotelian precepts of classical ‘substance ontology’, from the four-dimensional perspective of … Continue reading

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The Ontological Turn: An Anthropological Exposition

A new and often controversial theoretical orientation that resonates strongly with wider developments in contemporary philosophy and social theory, the so-called ‘ontological turn’ is receiving a great deal of attention in anthropology and cognate disciplines at present. This book provides … Continue reading

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Ontology and Dialectics – Theodor W. Adorno

Adorno’s lectures on ontology and dialectics from 1960–61 comprise his most sustained and systematic analysis of Heidegger’s philosophy. They also represent a continuation of a project that he shared with Walter Benjamin – ‘to demolish Heidegger’. Following the publication of … Continue reading

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Ontological Design & Cognitive Plasticity

Winograd and Flores in their book Computers and Cognition propose that technology design should be concerned primarily with Ontological Design. This is the designing of a way of being, not only concerned with aesthetics, ergonomics, and experience but directly with … Continue reading

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Bakhtin – Dialogue on Dialogic Pedagogy

The uniting theme of these discussions are a strong commitment by all participants to apply the dialogic framework developed by philosopher and literary theoretician Bakhtin to education. In this special issue, Eugene Matusov and Kiyotaka Miyazaki have developed only three … Continue reading

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Assemblage Theory, Complexity and Contentious Politics – The Political Ontology of Gilles Deleuze

The purpose of this thesis is to reconsider the nature of ontology in contemporary political science, with the belief that such a move can be of great benefit to understanding changes in our era of globalization and terrorism. This is … Continue reading

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