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Perspectives on Organizational Change – Systems and Complexity Theories

It is becoming increasingly important for organizations to gain competitive advantage by being able to manage and survive change. This paper presents two theoretical paradigms (systems and complexity theories) through which organizational change processes can be fruitfully examined. Systems and … Continue reading

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Complexity, organizations and change

Complexity Science has seriously challenged long held views in the scientific community about how the world works. These ideas, particularly about the living world, also have radical and profound implications for organizations and society as a whole. Complexity, Organizations and … Continue reading

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Culture and Complexity: New Insights on Organisational Change

The focus of organisational change interventions moves away from ‘planning change’ and onto ‘facilitating emergence’. Most change agents seem to have a much more mechanical view of themselves—how can you be a good consultant, how can you re-engineer or fix … Continue reading

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Situated Dialogic Action Research – Disclosing ‘‘Beginnings’’ for Innovative Change in Organizations

I want to discuss a version of collaborative action research oriented toward exploring, and verbally articulating, the real possibilities for making an innovative next step in a specific situation in a particular organization. There are many situations in organizational life … Continue reading

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Against Leviathan: Building Rhizomatic Brands

Against Leviathan: building rhizomatic brands This paper challenges ideas about resistance to change and by implication, the traditional model of brand building which suggests the dominance of the organisation in controlling a brand. In its place we will stress the … Continue reading

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Organizational Renewal and CAS

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