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Citizen Participation, Agency and Voice

Citizen participation, by now one of the main topics on the institutional agenda in many European countries, involves different fields of public action, mostly on a local level – social inclusion, urban renewal, development, the environment, health/social services, etc. It … Continue reading

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Untangling Complexity – Designing for Shared Understanding

The next phase of the digital revolution will be defined by products and services that facilitate shared understanding, allowing concerted participation around complex issues. In working to show the way, civic designers will need to call upon the powers of … Continue reading

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Vers une Démocratie d’Enquête

Dans son discours du 8 octobre dernier, M. Bartolone, le président de l’Assemblée nationale, l’a annoncé : « Nous expérimenterons […] pour la première fois une consultation numérique des citoyens sur un projet de loi. Ce ne sera pas simplement … Continue reading

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Resilience Management in Social-ecological Systems: A working hypothesis for a Participatory Approach

Approaches to natural resource management are often based on a presumed ability to predict probabilistic responses to management and external drivers such as climate. They also tend to assume that the manager is outside the system being managed. However, where … Continue reading

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Democratizing the Classroom: Sequencing Discussions and Assignments to Promote Student Ownership of the Course

This article explores a radical pedagogical method for democratizing the classroom that generates rich, engaged, student-led discussions. The approach is grounded in the notion that democratic participation in the classroom is a worthy goal of radical pedagogy, that students must … Continue reading

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Mobility in Urban Social Events – Towards Organizational Transvergence

The paper explores the emergence of territories that are constituted through spontaneous assembling of self-organized communities resulting in what we term urban social events. A concrete event is employed, namely Embros, an open occupation of an abandoned public building in … Continue reading

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Overcoming ‘Tragedies of the Commons’ with a Self-Regulating, Participatory Market Society

Our society is fundamentally changing. These days, almost nothing works without a computer chip. Processing power doubles every 18 months and will exceed the capabilities of human brains in about ten years from now. Some time ago, IBM’s Big Blue … Continue reading

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Children’s life world as a perspective on their citizenship

The latest childhood studies present children’s citizenship as a process of  engaging in matters related to children themselves in their everyday lives.  However, only a few studies have been conducted on what those issues are and what they actually tell … Continue reading

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Tanzânia – Nova Constituição com Participação Direta do Povo

Desde ano passado, grupos distritais, organizações da sociedade e ex-governantes opinam sobre como devem ser legislação, estrutura da gestão e políticas públicas do país africano. No forno da Tanzânia, uma nova constituição começa a ser cozinhada e, para sua elaboração, … Continue reading

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Making sense of Edgeryders experiences: Where do we go from here?

This is the last of the series of research papers based on the community’s experiences of transition. And I have to say it is the one that resonated for me the most. I’ve been quite sceptical of mainstream politics for … Continue reading

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