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Action Research and Its History as an Adult Education Movement for Social Change

This article is an attempt to tell the story of action research as it has developed over the last half century. Action research has become an important part of a number of research programs, especially in the field of education. … Continue reading

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Participatory Practice: Community-based Action for Transformative Change

Work of integrated praxis, situating theory within a participatory worldview and grounding practice in the important issues of our times – social justice and sustainability. Ledwith and Springett’s ideas are founded on two premises. Firstly, transformative practice begins in the … Continue reading

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Action Research Meets Critical Pedagogy – Theory, Practice, and Reflection

This article describes and critically examines the collaborative research process between an urban university’s research center and its community partners. The authors link the theoretical framework of collaborative research, participatory action research, and critical pedagogy to their personal experiences involving … Continue reading

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Problematizing Problem-Solving Methods for Exploring the Management of Social Enterprises

A new form of strategic management is required for developing the social enterprise and appreciating the management of social enterprise from systemic perspectives. In this paper, we argue that participatory action research should focus on the process of problematization that … Continue reading

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Revolutionizing education: Youth Participatory Action Research in motion

Revolutionalizing Education makes extraordinarily unique contributions to the literature on young people by offering a broad framework for understanding a groundbreaking critical research methodlogy known as Youth-led Participatory Action Research. YPAR is a way to involve young people in defining … Continue reading

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Experiencias y Metodología de la Investigación Participativa

Read El potencial de la investigación participativa apunta a la producción de conocimiento, articulando de manera crítica los aportes de la ciencia y del saber popular, con el fin de reorientarlos hacia la acción transformadora de la realidad. A través … Continue reading

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