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Networlds – Networks and Philosophy from Experience to Meaning

Imagine the world, and everything in it, composed of networks. This book shows how it’s possible to see the world around us in precisely this way. Starting from everyday, lived experience, using accessible language, and requiring no prior knowledge of … Continue reading

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Networkologies: A Philosophy of Networks for a Hyperconnected Age

Networkologies is the first text to develop an entire new philosophy based upon networks. While many contemporary texts on networks have presented critiques or analyses of network formations in our world, this book is the first to develop an entirely … Continue reading

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Complexity and the Function of Mind in Nature

This book is a further contribution to the series Cambridge Studies in Philosophy and Biology.It is an ambitious attempt to explain the relationship between intelligence and environmental complexity, and in so doing to link philosophy of mind to more general … Continue reading

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Philosophy in the 21st Century – Socratic Philosophy that Engages with People

The way I see it, philosophy should serve human flourishing. To this effect, philosophy should break away from its academic and scholarly boundaries, take seriously its Socratic origins, and develop communicative strategies that work in the contemporary context. Philosophy is … Continue reading

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Mind and Cognition – A study on the Philosophical Foundations of Cognitive Science

Cognitive science aims at the study and explanation of human cognitive capacities like perception, memory, reasoning, language use and so on. It is a distinctively multidisciplinary enterprise emerging out of the interaction of various disciplines like Artificial Intelligence, Cognitive Psychology, … Continue reading

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How to ask the right questions

We ask questions all the time but rarely do we stop to think about how we’re asking. “That’s a good question!” is often our reply when we’re asked a question that we find difficult to answer. But is a good … Continue reading

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Towards a Philosophy of the Web – Representation, Enaction, Collective Intelligence

We present some initial forays into the questions that underlie the philosophy of the Web around the notions of  representation, enactive search, the extended mind, and collective intelligence.  Having philosophers seriously move their research programmes into the nature of the … Continue reading

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Inside-Out Pedagogy – Theorising Pedagogical Transformation Through Teaching Philosophy

This retrospective interview study focused on the impact that training and implementation of Philosophy, in Lipman’s tradition of Philosophy for Children, had on the pedagogy of 14 primary teachers at one school. Semistructured interviews were conducted to document the impact … Continue reading

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Citizenship education and philosophical enquiry: Putting thinking back into practice

In this article, we argue for a purposeful re-introduction of philosophical inquiry to the process and pedagogy of citizenship education. We suggest the development of philosophy and critical thinking skills may usefully improve social and political awareness in young people. … Continue reading

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Is philosophy of education a historical mistake? Connecting philosophy and education differently

In this article, I suggest that the question whether the proper place for philosophy of education is in the domain of philosophy or the domain of education cannot be resolved as long as we think of the connection between philosophy … Continue reading

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