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Extra-parliamentarian political power and (social) media visibility

This article proposes a typology of extra-parliamentarian politics and access to parliament. On the basis of this, it discusses implications for reliance on (social) media visibility and its implications for (dis)empowerment. Theoretically, the article draws on media studies, social movement … Continue reading

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The Politics of Misinformation

The Politics of Misinformation is a critical examination of how and why the public has confidence in political progress and innovation even though most change is superficial. Concentrations of social and economic power produce illusions that create the impression of … Continue reading

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Lo que mueve al partido de la prensa

La lectura diaria de los periódicos puede ser un interesante ejercicio de sociología política si tomamos los contenidos de los editoriales y las principales columnas de opinión por lo que son en realidad: una traducción ideológica de los intereses del … Continue reading

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Change the World by Taking Power

Is power something negative? Does it always have to corrupt? And does “taking power” necessarily have to mean taking state power? This critique of John Holloway shows that communalism and autonomism provides two different answers to these questions. In 2001 … Continue reading

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The Other Occupation: How Wall Street Occupies Washington

The 99 Percent Movement has been set off thanks to long-standing economic inequities and and a recession caused primarily by Wall Street’s misdeeds. But Wall Street did not engage in reckless financial behavior — which plunged 64 million people worldwide … Continue reading

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Review: Winner-Take-All Politics

This is a transformative book. It’s the best book on American politics that I’ve read since Before the Storm. Not all of it is original (the authors seek to synthesize others’ work as well as present their own, but provide … Continue reading

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The Fed’s $16 Trillion Bailouts Under-reported

Read The media’s inscrutable brush-off of the Government Accounting Office’s recently released audit of the Federal Reserve has raised many questions about the Fed’s goings-on since the financial crisis began in 2008. The audit of the Fed’s emergency lending programs … Continue reading

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¿Quién nos devolverá la vida pública, los bienes públicos, que nos están robando?

Leer Hay que buscar las razones de la degeneración intelectual de parte de la clase política. Es un deber de la sociedad descubrir las razones ocultas de las privatizaciones. ¿Cómo recuperaremos lo que hemos perdido? El verdadero sustento de la … Continue reading

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Market Outcomes and Political Power

Read Read also: The Fed’s $16 Trillion Bailouts Under-reported The media likes to talk about markets as if they were just a force of nature.  In fact, markets and their outcomes are largely shaped by political power.  In a capitalist … Continue reading

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