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Education for Critical Consciousness

Famous for his advocacy of ‘critical pedagogy’, Paulo Freire was Latin America’s foremost educationalist, a thinker, and writer whose work and ideas continue to exert enormous influence in education throughout the world today. Education for Critical Consciousness is the main … Continue reading

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Freireian Pedagogy, Praxis, and Possibilities

Within Freire’s system of pedagogy, an individual’s ontological vocation is to be a subject who acts upon, and transforms, the world in order to become more fully human. This praxis, reflection and action, moves the individual towards ever new possibilities … Continue reading

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Sur le Théâtre Populaire en Amérique latine

Entretien avec Augusto Boal – Si le «théâtre forum» est aujourd’hui une pratique largement connue, investie pour tous types d’objectifs, militants, associatifs, voire récupérée par certaines pratiques managériales, son inventeur, Augusto Boal, était un militant révolutionnaire. Dans l’entretien à venir, … Continue reading

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Reinventing Emancipation: The Pedagogical Practices of Social Movements

This paper aims to make a contribution to the ongoing politics of knowledge of those marginalized, made illegibly and spoken-over by the contemporary geopolitics of capitalist coloniality. It engages with the rich heritage of popular pedagogical practices, subaltern philosophies, and … Continue reading

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Pedagogía de la autonomía: Enseñar no es transferir conocimiento

El sistema educativo actual está basado en la Revolución Industrial, donde los trabajadores tenían que especializarse en un trabajo mecánico, y para ello debían repetirlo una vez tras otra hasta memorizarlo. En estos últimos 50 años las esferas económica, cultural … Continue reading

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Counting Our Victories: Popular Education and Organizing

Popular education is carried out within a political vision that sees women and men at the community and grassroots level as the primary agents for social change. It equips people to define their own struggles and to make their voices … Continue reading

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A comparison between popular education and a traditional adult literacy program

After Timor-Leste gained its liberation in 1999 many institutions such as UN agencies, the non-formal education division of  the Ministry of Education and Culture, bilateral aid partners, international and national NGOs, the Catholic Church, women and youth organizations ran adult … Continue reading

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Popular Education for Human Rights – A Guide

Popular Education for Human Rights is a trainer’s guide for human rights activists.  It is deliberately not copyrighted in solidarity with those involved in popular education and community organizing.  Any non-governmental organization or educator may copy and adapt it to … Continue reading

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Can popular education be carried out in a system of formal education?

An education community in Malvinas Argentinas (near Cordoba, Argentina) set themselves the challenge of planning a school which would mean something to the poor people of the area and improve their lives. They wanted it to be a school which … Continue reading

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A New Weave of Power, People & Politics: An Action Guide

A New Weave of Power, People & Politics provides a well-tested approach for building people’s participation and collective power that goes beyond influencing policy and politics to transforming public decision-making altogether. Based on 25 years of participatory research, community development, … Continue reading

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