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Prosocial behaviors in context: Examining the role of children’s social companions

This study examines the role of immediate social companions in the prosocial behaviors of children from two cultural communities from the USA and the Philippines. Materials for this study comprised behavioral observations drawn from the Six Cultures Study — with … Continue reading

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The effect of moral foundations in prosocial crowdfunding

Prosocial crowdfunding is a new business phenomenon which is transforming the microfinance sector, as more microloans are posted online for fundraising. Research suggests that prosocial lenders registered on crowdfunding platforms seek non-financial returns from their investments, such as the creation … Continue reading

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The Roots of Reciprocity: Gratitude and Reputation in Generalized Exchange Systems

Social scientists often study the flow of material and social support as generalized exchange systems. These systems are associated with an array of benefits to groups and communities, but their existence is problematic, because individuals may be motivated to take … Continue reading

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Ontogeny and Social Dominance: A Developmental View of Human Power Patterns

Developmental science has long evolutionary roots and has historically focused on individual differences. Accordingly, developmental models can inform conversations about phylogeny and personality. The present paper evokes life history theory to describe a theoretical model of competitive behavior that applies … Continue reading

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An Evolutionary Model of the Environmental Conditions that Shape the Development of Prosociality

The current review presents a model for how prosocial development is driven by socio-cognitive mechanisms that have been shaped by natural selection to translate critical environmental factors into locally adaptive levels of prosociality. This is done through a synthesis of … Continue reading

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Intuitive Prosociality

Prosocial behavior is a central feature of human life and a major focus of research across the natural and social sciences. Most theoretical models of prosociality share a common assumption: Humans are instinctively selfish, and prosocial behavior requires exerting reflective … Continue reading

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