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Making Experience Count: The Role of Reflection in Individual Learning

In this paper, we build on research on the microfoundations of strategy and learning processes to study the individual underpinnings of organizational learning. We argue that once an individual has accumulated a certain amount of experience with a task, the … Continue reading

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Systematic Reflection – Implications for Learning From Failures and Successes

Drawing on a growing stream of empirical findings that runs across different psychological domains, we demonstrated that systematic reflection stands out as a prominent tool for learning from experience. For decades, failed experiences have been considered the most powerful learning … Continue reading

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Education as Re-Embedding

How we know, is at least as important as what we know: Before educationalists can begin to teach sustainability, we need to explore our own views of the world and how these  are  formed. The paper  explores the ontological assumptions … Continue reading

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Students Reflect on Their Own Learning

We are always talking about the ideal education should be a learner-centered setting. Learners can be in charge of their learning with options to different paths and paces. Learners will participate in the designing of their learning processes. So the … Continue reading

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Facilitating Reflective Learning in Higher Education

Read “A book that puts new forms of relationship and dialogue at the core of teaching and learning. It is likely to give courange to those who are daring to reflect differently on their teaching and learning practice, and to … Continue reading

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Reflective Learning and ePortfolio in the Social Sciences

This paper presents the findings of research into student views and uses of an electronic portfolio, which was introduced on a large undergraduate social science degree programme to promote reflective learning and personal development planning. The findings indicate that, while … Continue reading

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