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Modeling Cities and Regions as Complex Systems

Cities and regions grow (or occasionally decline), and continuously transform themselves as they do so. This book describes the theory and practice of modeling the spatial dynamics of urban growth and transformation. As cities are complex, adaptive, self-organizing systems, the … Continue reading

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Systemic Instruments for Regional Development

This paper is the English Summary of the report “Systemische Instrumente für die Regionalentwicklung”. The research project was induced by the following considerations: “Regions” – or more precisely: the actors of regional development and addressees of regional policies and their … Continue reading

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The role of Dialogue Conferences in the Development of Learning Regions

Read   Something very special happens when people from a region come into living contact with each other, face-to-face. In responding not only to each other’s uniqueness, but also to the unique features of their shared surroundings, they create between … Continue reading

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