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Methodological Practices in Social Movement Research

Social movement studies have grown enormously in the last few decades, spreading from sociology and political science to other fields of knowledge, as varied as geography, history, anthropology, psychology, economics, law and others. With the growing interest in the field, … Continue reading

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Student as Producer and Open Educational Resources: Learning through Digital Scholarship

At the University of Lincoln, the student as producer agenda is seeking to disrupt consumer-based learning relationships by reinventing the undergraduate curriculum along the lines of research-engaged teaching. The open education movement, with its emphasis on creative commons and collaborative … Continue reading

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Algorithms aren’t enough: why the Human Perspective is essential to Big Data

What if the scientific method were no longer necessary? A bold statement, but one that Wired’s Chris Anderson posits in his 2008 article, extolling the virtues of “Big Data.” Looping back to Anderson’s original premise on the ascendency of Big … Continue reading

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What Activist Researchers Say about Theory and Methodology

This article seeks to explore the work of activist researchers located in social movements, non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and people’s organisations with close relations to contemporary progressive grassroots struggles in a number of countries, mainly in the global South. Drawing from … Continue reading

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Les Enfants Chercheurs: la Recherche Scientifique comme Modèle d’Apprentissage

La recherche scientifique peut-elle être un modèle d’apprentissage ? Deux invités, une enseignante professeure des écoles et un chercheur vont nous expliquer pourquoi et comment ils travaillent ensemble et comment ils envisagent leurs pratiques pédagogiques. En encourageant les enfants dans … Continue reading

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Tools for Researchers – ReadCube

ReadCube develops software to make the world of research more accessible and connected. The free ReadCube desktop application for PC and Mac helps researchers in any discipline easily organize and manage existing article libraries, and discover new literature through searches … Continue reading

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Research Skills for the Future: Summary and Critique of a Comparative Study

What key research competencies will researchers, and professionals need to have in the future? To introduce the topic, we look into a recent comparative study on this question that compares the situation in eight research-intensive countries. The interviewed researchers and … Continue reading

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Skills and competencies needed in the research field: Objectives 2020

Politicians, business leaders and unions in all countries are unanimous in pointing to research, and the issues of how to fuel it and how to resource it, as make or break challenges. If national and/or international research policies together with … Continue reading

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Quantitative Research Methods in Chaos and Complexity

In addition to qualitative methods presented in chaos and complexity theories in educational research, this article addresses quantitative methods that may show potential for future research studies. Although much in the social and behavioral sciences literature has focused on computer … Continue reading

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The Handbook of Emergent Technologies in Social Research

Emergent technologies are pushing the boundaries of how both qualitative and quantitative researchers practice their craft, and it has become clear these changes are dramatically altering research design, from the questions researchers ask and the ways they collect data, to … Continue reading

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