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Crowdsourced Science: Sociotechnical Epistemology in the e-Research Paradigm

Recent years have seen a surge in online collaboration between experts and amateurs on scientific research. In this article, we analyse the epistemological implications of these crowdsourced projects, with a focus on Zooniverse, the world’s largest citizen science web portal. … Continue reading

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Social Science Parks: Society’s New Super Labs

This paper introduces a practical innovation in facilitating interdisciplinary social science research and its application: the Social Science Research Park (SPARK). Over the past decade, there has been increasing interest in developing interdisciplinary research that addresses societal problems and so-called … Continue reading

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Transnational Networks of Radical Labour Research

During the last three or four decades labour, union, research and advocacy networks have interacted with networks of anti-capitalist or alter-globalist social justice activists. These interactions have enabled the (self-)organisation of working people across production networks linking the Global North … Continue reading

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The Ecology of Sharing: Synthesizing OER Research

Arguably, Open Educational Resources (OER) are starting to enter the mainstream, though some fundamental questions about their value and impact remain to be answered or supported with appropriate evidence. Much early OER activity was driven by ideals and interest in … Continue reading

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How to do Research – Kids Research Portal

“The Kentucky Virtual Library presents: How to do research! Step 1: Plan your project.  Plan your project tutorial Define your subject Brainstorm What do you already know? Group similar ideas Identify key words and phrases Make a quest strategy Gather … Continue reading

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Supporting the learning and networking experiences of doctoral students

This study explores the impact of a Graduate Virtual Research Environment (GVRE) on the learning and networking experiences of research students. The GVRE was established to support and enhance research skills and employability training across a university. It provides an … Continue reading

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Constructing transnational action research networks – Reflections on the Citizenship Development Research Centre

Read This article examines the construction of transnational action research networks that bridge local and global, practice and research, North and South, and many disciplines. Using an ‘insider–outsider’ approach the article examines the emergence of the Development Research Centre on … Continue reading

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Bangladesh Online Research Network

BDResearch.org.bd is an online Knowledge Center brought to you by D.Net – Development Resources Network. D.Net is a non-profit organization, created with a vision to participate in building 21st century Bangladesh based on Knowledge shared through different forms of information … Continue reading

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