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Thoughts on Resilient Practice Managing Complexity

Resilience is the ability to recover from a shock, insult or disturbance. The concept of resilience originating from physics lately found a widespread application. From a management perspective and especially in reference to the practice of managing complexity, two developments … Continue reading

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Resilient Leaders — Implications for Leader Development

This research report delves into the notions of resilience and leadership, and into the processes that enable long-term resilience. It also explores the developmental interventions that can facilitate and sustain such processes, so as to ensure that the individual is … Continue reading

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Sustainability Transformations – a Resilience Perspective

Scholars and policy makers are becoming increasingly interested in the processes that lead to transformations toward sustainability. We explored how resilience thinking, and a stronger focus on social-ecological systems, can contribute to existing studies of sustainability transformations. First, we responded … Continue reading

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Resilience and Sustainable Development – Theory of Resilience, Systems Thinking and Adaptive Governance

Resilience thinking is inevitably systems thinking at least as much as sustainable development is. In fact, “when considering systems of humans and nature (social-ecological systems) it is important to consider the system as a whole. The human domain and the … Continue reading

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