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Democratic Schooling: What Happens to Young People Who Have Charge of Their Own Education

A follow-up study was conducted of the graduates of the Sudbury Valley School (SVS), a democratically administered primary and secondary school that has no learning requirements but rather supports students’ self-directed activities. Although these individuals educated themselves in ways that … Continue reading

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The obsolescence of teachers – a controversy

Sugata Mitra is a Professor of Educational Technology at Newcastle University and is famous for the research he conducted on SOLE Self-Organised Learning Environments, starting with the ‘hole-in-the-wall’ experiments he carried out in 1999 where he left a group of … Continue reading

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Perspectives on Tag Clouds for supporting Reflection in Self-Organised Learning

Tags are popular for organising information in social software based on the personal views of the participants on the information. Tags provide valuable attention meta-data on a person’s interests because the participants actively relate resources to concepts by using tags. … Continue reading

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Multichannel Self-organized Learning and Research in Web 2.0 Environments

This paper explores the functionalities of the start pages and considers their usefulness for deployment as learning and research environments for self-organized learners. The start pages’ comparative analysis is done according to created criteria, focused on availability of the authoring, … Continue reading

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